Lindsey Jupp, Matawa First Nations Management

Waste Disposal Table Topics - Commercial
Waste Management Certificate Training: Funding Application
Waste Mangement Certificate Training: Community Awareness

Lindsey JuppAfter 8 years as Environmental Technologist with Matawa First Nations Management, I have been graced by meeting so many people and am lucky to have learned so much from each one. These days most of my time has been spent project managing various Capital Projects, such as School Repairs, Remediation, and Power Plant Upgrades. I haven’t spent as much time in the communities as in past years because of mostly day trips for project meetings, but I hope to get back to traveling more for community environmental projects and helping with fuel management on the ground. Since I’ve become more involved in Capital Projects, I like to think that NOFNEC is one way to provide the advisory service I would like to be doing more of. Being a part of the NOFNEC Planning Committee keeps us all busy, but we do it for our member communities, as well as for us so that we can learn together and from each other. Hopefully this year we all leave feeling more confident doing environmental assessments and monitoring, and waste management activities. Miigwetch.