Tony Tino, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Waste Management Certificate Training: Municipal Type Service Agreements

Tony TinoWith a B.A. in Applied Geography from Ryerson University, Tony started his public service career in 1990 with Public Works Canada, conducting preliminary environmental audits and developing a Geography Information System for federal property holdings. A majority of his 27 years in the public service has been with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada in various positions, including nine years as a Capital Planning Officer, six years as an Economic Development Officer, and nine years as a Senior Capital Advisor.

From November 2008 to August 2016, Tony acted as the lead in the Ontario Region’s First Nation Water & Wastewater Action Plan (FNWWAP) portfolio. This position involved working with First Nations and various stakeholders on improving the quality of on-reserve treated drinking water and assisting First Nations with wastewater issues. More recently, he has been working on a review of Municipal Type Service Agreements (MTSA) with the goal of creating an MTSA Guide that will assist First Nations in better understanding the process for establishing new MTSAs and renewing existing service agreements.